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Call for Movies is open

    Registrations are now open for the 26th Edition of the Caminhos do Cinema Português Festival. Between the 1st of January and the 31st of July, the works for the Caminhos Selection, Essays Selection and Other Looks may be submitted via FilmFreeway. Until May 31, all national film registrations will be free.

    The Caminhos do Cinema Português Festival has been, since 1988, one of the main references in the Portuguese cinematographic panorama. Presenting itself as the only festival dedicated to Portuguese cinema in all its aspects (final projects of schools of cinema, animation, documentary, short film and feature film), it shows itself as the ultimate showcase of cinematographic works that are annually produced in Portugal.

    This event is the opportunity to bring together creators and viewers in a single space for artistic interaction, a place where you can follow in the first person the evolution of the national film industry.

    In its 26th edition, the festival is committed to recognizing the importance of animation cinema as an important feature of the quality of national cinematography. This bet is projected by the introduction of the Best Animation Essay Award. Check all the details in the festival regulations.

    We opened the event to all Portuguese national production, providing a space for the union of the arts through cinema, which is celebrated in each of our editions.


    1 de janeiro
    Open Call!

    until 31st of May
    Early Bird

    Features – 25€
    Shorts – 15€

    until 30th of June

    Portuguese Films
    Features – 10€
    Shorts – 5€

    International Films
    Features – 35€
    Shorts – 20€

    until 31st of July

    Portuguese Films
    Features – 20€
    Shorts – 10€

    International Films
    Features – 50€
    Shorts  25€

    1st of October
    Acceptance Notification

    20th to 28th of November 2020
    26.th edition of Caminhos Film Festival


    Caminhos Selection
    Official Awards
    Festival Grand Prix
    Best Fiction Award
    Best Short Film Award
    Best Documentary Award University of Coimbra
    Best Animation Award
    Revelation Award

    Don Quijote Award / IFSS Jury – International Federation of Filme Societies

    Press Jury CISION;

    Audience Award – Chama Amarela

    Prémio Ethos

    Caminhos Selection
    Technical-Artistic Awards
    Best Secondary Actor;
    Best Actor;
    Best Secondary Actress;
    Best Actress;
    Best Adapted Screenplay;
    Best Original Screenplay;
    Best Original Soundtrack;
    Best Characterization;
    Best Poster;
    Best Artistic Direction;
    Best Photography;
    Best Wardrobe;
    Best Assembly;
    Best Director;
    Best sound;
    Essays Selection
    Best National Essay
    Best National Animation Rehearsal
    Best International Essay
    [fshow photosetid=72157690292961375]


    Is it necessary to pay a registration fee to register films for the festival?

    Registration for the two competitive sections (Caminhos Selection and Essays Selection) is free of charge for Portuguese films until the 31st of May.

    Do you accept copies of films in DCP format?


    After paying the registration fee, can my film not be selected?

    Yes, after submitting your application, your film will go through a pre-selection process with the festival’s selection committee, where it can be chosen to be included in the list of candidate films for consideration by different juries in the different selections.

    I cannot proceed with the registration of my film. There are fields on the form that do not apply.

    To advance in the form you must fill in all the fields. If fields are not applicable, use the abbreviation “NA”. The information in these fields is used to obtain the data entered in the catalog and website. Check the information for each title before registration.

    In case of doubt, contact us. We will be pleased to help you.

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