Call for papers to “fusions in cinema” Symposium – 2nd call

You may propose the summary of your communication under the following lines of research:

Line 1 – The Fusion of Arts in Cinema

The relationships between the different arts and cinema:

  • Architecture;
  • Literature/Script;
  • Interpretation/Representation;
  • Music;
  • Photography; and
  • Plastic Arts.

Line 2 – Cinema and Technology

The technologic evolution and the way Cinema reach the Spectator:

  • The subtitling, dubbing and audio description;
  • The new technologies: Internet and Cinema; and
  • The supports, formats and new media.

Line 3 – Cinema, Research and Education

  • Cinema in different pedagogic environments (online or offline);
  • Cinema and research in an educational context;
  • Cinema practices in school;
  • Cinema and new technologies in education;
  • Cinema and social media in formal and informal learning contexts; and
  • Production of audiovisual Learning Objects (LO) with educational purposes and recurring to cinematographic language.

Line 4 – Cinema and Television

  • Theoretical approaches about audiovisual production in general, including all genders and diffusion platforms, framing them in a national and international contemporaneous context;
  • The analysis of relationships between direction and production of cinematographic and televised contents; and
  • Cinema and television: paralleled or integrated worlds?

The communication proposals shall be sent through the following hyperlink: https://caminhos.info/simposio/comunicacao

The general public is also invited to participate (without communication), free of charge, at the Symposiumto be held in São João da Madeira between November 23rdand 24th. The enrolled can have access to a CCPFC-accredited Training Certificate worth 1 credit to Basic and Secondary Education teachers entitled “Fusions of Cinema”. The Symposiumwill be 25 hours long, with 10 hours in person on November 23thand 24thand 15 hours in an online environment on the following week, with virtual conferencesof international experts. Entries for the general public are open until mid-November (subject to space allocation) and can be submitted on the page available in www.caminhos.info/simposio/publico

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