Call for Movies

The applications for the 24th edition of Caminhos Film Festival are now open. From the May 1st to July 31st, the works for Caminhos and Essay Selections, as well as the works for the other sections of the festival, can be submitted via FilmFreeway.

Caminhos Film Festival has been, since 1988, one of the main references in the cinematographic panorama of Portugal. Presenting itself as the only festival dedicated to Portuguese cinema in all its areas (final projects of schools of cinema, animation, documentary, short film and motion picture), it is the ultimate showcase of the cinematographic works produced yearly in Portugal.

This event is the opportunity to gather creators and audience in a single space of artistic interaction, a place where one can accompany in firsthand the evolution of the cinematographic industry in Portugal.

The event is open to Juniors, Juveniles and Seniors of the Schools of Cinema and even students and onlookers. We invite all the Portuguese population to know the most recent cinematographic productions of Portugal, providing a space of union of the arts for Cinema, which is celebrated in every single edition of our Festival.

Dates & Deadlines

1 May 2018
Open Call!

until 31 May 2018
Early Bird, with free applications

until 30 June de 2018
Regular Deadline:

Feature Films – 10€
Short Films – 5€

until 31 July 2018

Feature Films – 20€
Short Films – 10€

30 September 2018
Notifications of acceptance

23 November – 1 December 2018
24th edition of the Caminhos Film Festival


Caminhos Selection
Official Awards
Festival Grand Prize Portugal Sou Eu
Best Fiction Feature Film Award
Best Short Film Turismo do Centro Award
Best Documentary Film Universidade de Coimbra Award
Best Animation Film Award
Revelation Award

Don Quijote Award / IFSS Jury – International Federation of Film Societies;

Press Jury Award;

Audience Award – Chama Amarela

Caminhos Selection
Technical-Artistic Awards
Best Actor;
Best Supporting Actor;
Best Actress;
Best Supporting Actress;
Best Artistic Direction;
Best Artistic Direction;
Best Wardrobe;
Best Director;
Best Characterization;
Best Editing;
Best Sound;
Best Original Screenplay;
Best Adapted Screenplay;
Best Original Soundtrack;
Best Communication and Promotion.

Essays Selection
Best National Essay
Best Internacional Essay
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Do I need to pay a Submission Fee?

The submission for the Essays Selection is free until the end of May. It will be charged afterwards 10€ per feature film and 5€ per short film. After the regular deadline, the price doubles. Students pay half-price. These taxes helps us support the event production expenses.

By submitting your film, please e-mail us a confirmation with the name of the film, the producer and the description of the bank transfer, attaching the proof of registration payment, to

Do we accept DCP format films?

Unfortunately, the exhibition theaters of Caminhos Film Festival are not equipped with DCP projection systems. The most recommended format is a replacement ProRes, DNxHD or on a last case scenario a H.264 / HEVC file with at least the resolution of 1080 progressive lines.

After paying the Submission Fee, will I guarantee my film a place in the competition?

No. After the submission of your work, your movie will go through a pre-selection carried out by an intern jury and it may be chosen to enter the official competition or not.

I made my application through FilmFreeway. Do I also have to submit all the requested materials by post mail?

In case your film is selected to enter competition, you do not need to send all the materials by post mail, with exception of the film. If you are selected, please send a copy of your film to:
Caminhos Film Festival
Rua Padre António Vieira
Edifício AAC – 1º Piso
3000-315 Coimbra, Portugal

Is my registration completed with the submission of data on the form?

To make sure your application is completed, you should make sure that you receive a confirmation email. If not, we have not received your registration in our database. Please re-enter your data and make sure that the total size of attachments is less than 6MB.

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.