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Presenting World Caminhos ‘Catalunya’

Even dodging the political debate, everyone can recognize a multiple and very rich personality in the Spanish culture, from Madrid to Galicia, Catalonia, the Basque Country or Andalucia. Every region has its own idiosyncrasy and lately, in Catalonia, has raised a powerful citizen movement which is making serious steps in order to separate from the Spanish State. This growing movement has been provoked by several reasons; the crisis, the political, economic and social disagreements between the Catalan government and the central government, etc., but has also rediscovered some historical, cultural and idiomatic vindications that today, more than ever, are penetrating in the people’s speech.

That’s why, in this very moment, it is also more interesting than ever to get into the Catalan culture and art. For that, there’s no better way than the cinema. What we propose is a programme that includes five feature films (one documentary, one docu-fiction, and three fictions) and four shorts, all very different between each other, but a good representation of this culture. Some of these films talk about social issues: La Granja del Pas is a powerful documentary about evicted families; Nada S.A. and El corredor, short films, are scathing comedies about unemployment; La plaga, between reality and fiction, portraits a little community from Barcelona’s outskirts. Other films programmed take other themes, personal dramas that can become as universal as Shakespeare is: Otel·lo brings the British author nowadays, refreshing the tragedy with a lush perspective; Tots volem el millor per a ella and El camí més llarg per tornar a casa are both excellent surgical explorations about internal pain, caused by a disease or by an unbearable loss.  Finally, short films No me quites and El adiós are intimate but transcendental episodes of two strong women.

This selection has been made with the support of the Acadèmia del Cinema Català (Catalan Film Academy), which every year celebrates the Gaudí Awards, recognizing the best Catalan films of the year. Most of these films have won or have been nominated to this awards, and some of them to the Goyas too, and a long way through festivals. There is also a non-calculated but very positive balance between men (5) and women (5) filmmakers, as well as an heterogenic offer of genres, tones and themes. We hope you enjoy it!

Programação Caminhos Mundiais
Auditório Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Velha

19 de Novembro, 16h00
TitleDirectorProduction Co.RuntimeYear
El CorredorJosé Luis MontesinosCaduco Films, Bastian Films15′2014
El Camí més llarg per tornar a casaSergi PérezNiu d’Indi, No hay banda85′2015
22 de Novembro, 16h00
TitleDirectorProduction Co.RuntimeYear
Nada S.A.Caye Casas, Albert PintóAlhena Production15′2014
La Granja del PassSílvia MuntIntent Produccions, Televisió de Catalunya80′2015
23 de Novembro, 16h00
TitleDirectorProduction Co.RuntimeYear
El AdiósClara RoquetLastor Media15′2015
Tots volem el millor per a ellaMar CollEscándalo Films, Televisió de Catalunya97′2013
25 de Novembro, 16h00
TitleDirectorProduction Co.RuntimeYear
No me quitesLaura JouCorte y Confección de Películas, Películas La Trini14′2015
Otel·loHammudi Al-Rahmoun FontEscándalo Films, Corte y Confección de Películas69′2013
26 de Novembro, 16h00
TitleDirectorProduction Co.RuntimeYear
La PlagaNeus BallúsEl Kinògraf, Televisió de Catalunya, Arte France85′2013

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