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Scientific Committee

  • Alvaro Rodrigues de Lima

    Alvaro Rodrigues de LimaFederal University of Rio de Janeiro

    PhD in Brazilian Education (1992) and Master in Education (1983) by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Vice-coordinator of the Research Laboratory in Information and Communication Technologies (LATEC/UFRJ) and coordinatoor of the group of Environmental Education and Science Teaching (GEA/UFRJ).

  • Carla Paiva

    Carla PaivaBahia's State University

    PhD in Multimedia at Unicamp and Master of Education and Contemporaneity, specialized in Public Relations. Assistant Professor in the Journalism course in Multimedia, at UNEB. Researches, since 2003, the representations of the Brazilian Northeast and the gender relations in the audiovisual, through the perspective of cultural studies.

  • Clara Almeida Santos

    Clara Almeida SantosUniversity of Coimbra

    PhD in Communication Sciences by the University of Coimbra and Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Communication and Information of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Coimbra. Took part in several European projects related to intercultural dialogue and was a consultant to the European Council.

  • Cristina Haguenauer

    Cristina HaguenauerFederal University of Rio de Janeiro

    Professor at the School of Communication of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and coordinator of ICT Research Laboratory (LATEC/UFRJ). Consultant in professional training projects involving the use of ICT, Multimedia Systems, Virtual Reality and Distance Education.

  • Daniela Barros

    Daniela BarrosLisbon's Universidade Aberta

    PhD in Education by the Federal University of São Paulo. Master in Education by UNESP - BRAZIL and Master in Media Engineering for Education of Euromime (Erasmus Mundus - Portugal , Spain and France).

  • Leonel Caseiro Morgado

    Leonel Caseiro MorgadoUniversidade Aberta

    PhD by the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro. Assistant Professor with Aggregation at Universidade Aberta, where he teaches courses in Information Technology in the areas of Research Methods, Virtual Worlds and Programming. He was also coordinator of several research projects.

  • António Costa Valente

    António Costa ValenteUniversidade de Aveiro

    PhD in Cinema, he's a Professor at the University of Aveiro. He produced and co-directed the first portuguese animated film - "Até ao Tecto do Mundo". He is the CEO of the AVANCA Film Festival since 1997 and CEO of the scientific conference AVANCA|CINEMA since 2010.

  • Fátima Chinita

    Fátima ChinitaEscola Superior de Teatro e Cinema

    Has a PhD in Art Studies by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon and a Master in Communication Sciences - Culture and New Technologies by the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the Nova's University of Lisbon. She teaches at the Lisbon Theatre and Film School since 1995.

  • Filipe Costa Luz

    Filipe Costa LuzUniversidade Lusófona

    Has a PhD in Communication Sciences by Lisbon's Nova University. Currently coordinates the Bachelor in Multimedia Games and Applications, is vice president of the Degree in Digital Animation and MA in Animation Arts, the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technology.