Exibição Exhibition

Casa do Cinema de Coimbra
17 nov., 15:00

Origem Origin

País de Origem Origin Country France
País de Rodagem Filming Country France

Metragem e Género Footage and Genre

Duração Runtime 19’30”

Tipo de Projecto Project Type Student, Short
Género Genre
Língua Language French

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Naughty Spot Gare aux coquins

Sinopse Original Original Sinopsis

Tonio débarque en Corse pour la première fois. Il flâne dans différents endroits de l’île et sur des applications de rencontres où il fait la connaissance de L’Oracle, un utilisateur qui lui parle de la vie gay en Corse. La conversation est rejouée avec un comédien qui semble se reconnaître dans l’histoire de L’Oracle.

Sinopse Portuguesa Portuguese Sinopsis

É a primeira vez de Tonio na Córsega. Ele explora o território e os aplicativos de encontro até topar com o Oráculo, um usuário que lhe conta sobre a vida gay na ilha. A conversa é reencenada com um ator que parece se conectar profundamente com a história do Oráculo.

Sinopse Internacional Sinopsis

It’s Tonio’s first time in Corsica. He wanders across the island and on dating apps until stumbling upon the Oracle, a user who tells him about gay life in Corsica. Their conversation is reenacted with an actor who seems to connect deeply with the Oracle’s story.

Mensagem do Realizador Director Statement
Gay dating apps present the world of digital dating as a big map where you feel like you can choose exactly who you want as partners. Unlike random live encounters, we already know intimate details about those who are on these applications: their weight, their fantasies, their preferred sexual positions. We base our decision to talk to them not on feeling, but on data. I’m 29 and I have been on dating apps since I was 23. I have used it for one-night stands, for relationships, or just to find information about parties or gay-friendly places in the cities I was visiting. Stemming from my personal quest – a Brazilian arriving in Corsica, clueless about the codes of gay encounters on this island – I wanted to go beyond the digital to understand what these applications’ users are looking for, and to seek the humanity behind it all. As I was documenting gay life in Corsica, I stumbled upon a user called “The Oracle.” I spoke to him on Grindr and he was the one who turned my research upside down when he said “Apps here are for swapping photos, hot pics. The guys are very discreet, and everyone knows each other. They are afraid that they will meet in a cafe or a bar and that people will realize that they are gay. If you really want to know how gay men meet in Corsica, you won’t be able to see it online”. On an island where there are no gay bars, restaurants, parties or saunas, men meet in the wilderness. The Oracle brought me to these hidden spots and told me his story. He told me he didn’t want to leave Corsica, he only wish things were different on the island. After that day, he cut all ties with me. Maybe out of fear of exposing himself, or because he thought I no longer needed him. Naughty Spot is the fictionalized account of that encounter. I invited a gay Corsican comedian to play the part of The Oracle (50) while I played a fictional version of myself. Going back and forth between the real-life actors and the fictionalized characters, and between the digital interfaces and the natural landscapes, this film is a journey of discovery of a territory, and of the sexuality and intimacy of its inhabitants.

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Biografia do Realizador Director Biography

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Jean Costa holds a master’s degree in Social History at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and another Master in Writing, Producing and Directing delivered by the G.R.E.C. (Group of research and cinematographic essays) and by the University of Corsica. He has been working as a film editor since 2014 in Brazil and France. “Gare aux coquins” (“Naughty Spot”, 2021) is his first film as a director.

Data de conclusão year 2021-01-10

Distribuição Distribution
Agence du court métrage Distributor France

Exibições Exhibitions
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand January 31, 2021 Official Selection – National Competition France Festival Premiers Plans d’Angers Angers January 29, 2021 French Premiere Official Selection – French Competition France Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen Nijmegen April 18, 2021 International Competition Netherlands FIFIB – Festival International du Film Indépendant de Bordeaux Bordeaux October 18, 2021 Short Film Competition France Olhar de Cinema International Film Festival Curitiba October 20, 2021 South American Premiere Other Views Competition Brazil Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival Thessaloniki October 14, 2021 International Short Film Competition Greece Short Waves Festival Poznań June 14, 2021 Mirror Mirror Selection Poland Festival Queer Lisboa Lisbon September 24, 2021 “In My Shorts” Competition Portugal Festival Les Nuits Med Porto-Vecchio June 2, 2021 Short Film Competition France Festival du film LGBTQ de Paris Chéries-Chéris Paris November 30, 2021 Short Film Competition France Poitiers International Film Festival Poitiers November 3, 2021 International Competition France

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Realização Director Jean Costa
Primeira Obra First Time Yes
Projecto Académico Academic Project Yes

Produção Production University of Corsica*
Produtores Producers Myriam Martou, Colomba Sansonetti

Elenco Keycast Christian Ruspini, Jean Costa
Outros Créditos Other Credits
Film Editor: Tomas Cali;
Director of Photography: Alexandra de Saint Blanquat;
Sound Engineer: Andria Vivarelli;
Sound Editor: Rafael Coutinho (Sonideria);
Re-recording Mixer: Edson Secco (Sonideria);
Production Coordinator: Juliette Arrodon

Argumento Screenplay Jean Costa

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