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Selecção Caminhos – Longas Metragens de Ficção
Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente
26/11/2020, 18:00


Origem Origin

País de Origem Origin Country Brazil
País de Rodagem Filming Country Brazil, France, Portugal

Metragem e Género Footage and Genre

Duração Runtime 01:00:00

Tipo de Projecto Project Type Feature
Género Genre

Idioma e Legendagem Language and Subtitling

Língua Language Portuguese
Legendas Subtitles English

Aos Nossos Filhos Our Children

Sinopse Original Original Sinopsis
Vera, uma ex-combatente da ditadura militar que viveu em diversos países da América do Sul e é mãe de Tânia, que, casada com outra mulher há quinze anos, está grávida do primeiro filho do casal. O filme aborda esse relacionamento.

Sinopse Internacional Sinopsis

Vera Sontag is a psychiatrist, a woman with a revolutionary, young spirit, who lived the 60’s to the fullest – from fighting against Brazilian’s military dictatorship to sexual revolution. Officially stepping into her senior years, at 65 years old, she finds out she’s about to become a grandmother. But this new life-phase does not seem to fit with her generation’s profile. Things get complicated when she discovers that her grandchild is not being conceived by her daughter Tania, a successful lawyer, but by Tania’s life partner, Vanessa. Together for 15 years, Tania and Vanessa resorted to in vitro fertilization with an anonymous donor in order to get pregnant. The distance between Tania and Vera’s reality become ever more evident. As she drives away from her daughter, Vera gets to know the son of an old friend, an ex-guerrilla combatant, slaughtered by the militaries on the end of the 70’s. Sérgio was born in Chile during exile. Even though she doesn’t like to relive the past, Vera agrees to grant him an interview, out of respect to his mother, talking about her actions during the military regime. As their meetings evolve, she begins to feel fascinated by his interest on herself and her generation. Meanwhile, Tania tries to be in charge of every detail of Vanessa’s pregnancy, denying Vanessa a say on the matter. Tired and confused, Vanessa decides she needs a break from Tania and accepts a job opportunity to work in NY for a few months. Lost and alone, Tania struggles to keep her focus on getting ready for her baby’s arrival, leading to odd situations, like her going alone to a pregnant yoga class. Among conflicts and encounters, the movie disclosures the necessary catharsis that occur when two women realizes that one is becoming a mother and the other, a grandmother.

Biografia do Realizador Director Biography
Nascida em Portugal, Maria de Medeiros atuou nas telas pela primeira vez com quinze anos. Aos dezoito, se mudou para a França para estudar interpretação. Participou de produções alemãs, espanholas, italianas e americanas. Foi a primeira portuguesa a ser nomeada artista da UNESCO pela paz. Os filmes Henry & June (1990) e Pulp Fiction (1994) estão entre suas principais aparições no cinema.

Early life Maria de Medeiros was born in Lisbon, Portugal, the daughter of musician and composer António Victorino de Almeida. She played her first part on screen at the age of 15. At 18, she moved to France to pursue her acting studies and was a student at the CNSAD. Medeiros speaks French fluently without an accent and has acted extensively on stage and on screen in French productions. She also acts in German, Spanish and Italian productions. Medeiros is the first Portuguese woman to be designated a UNESCO Artist for Peace.[2] Film career Among Medeiros’ most memorable film appearances are three early 1990s roles. Her considerable resemblance to Anaïs Nin landed her the primary role in Henry & June (1990), in which she played the author. In 1990, she played the role of Maria in Ken McMullen’s film about the rise of the Paris Commune, 1871. In 1994, Medeiros appeared in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction playing Fabienne, the girlfriend of Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis). In 2000, Medeiros directed the film April Captains (in which she also had a small role) about the 1974 Carnation Revolution in Portugal. The film was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival.[3] In 2003, Medeiros appeared as a hairdresser in the movie My Life Without Me starring Sarah Polley. She has starred in the Canadian movie The Saddest Music in the World (2004) directed by Guy Maddin and co-starring Isabella Rossellini and Mark McKinney. Music career In 2007, Medeiros released the album A Little More Blue[2] on which she performs songs by Brazilian musicians, including Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso, Ivan Lins, and Dolores Duran. She sings in Portuguese, French (“Joana Francesa” by Buarque), and English (“A Little More Blue” by Veloso).[citation needed] In 2009, she sang “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” on The Legendary Tigerman album Femina.[citation needed] Her second recording, Peninsulas & Continentes, was released on 23 February 2010.[citation needed] Selected filmography As director Sévérine C. (1987) Fragmento II (1988) A Morte do Príncipe (1991) April Captains (2000) Mathilde au matin (2004) Je t’aime moi non plus (2004) Repare Bem (2012) As actress Silvestre (1981) 1871 (1990) Henry & June (1990) Meeting Venus (1991) Huevos de Oro (1993) Pulp Fiction (1994) Adão e Eva (1995) Polygraph (1996) Go for Gold (1997) Airbag (1997) Spanish Fly (1998) April Captains (2000) Deuxième vie (2000) Honolulu Baby (2001) A Samba for Sherlock (2001) Stranded: Náufragos (2002) My Life Without Me (2003) I, Cesar (Moi César, 10 ans 1/2, 1m39) (2003) The Saddest Music in the World (2004) The Remains of Nothing (2004) Je m’appelle Élisabeth (2006) Medea Miracle (2007) Midsummer Madness (2007) Fallen Heroes (2007) Riparo (aka Shelter Me) (2007) My Stars (2008) David’s Birthday (2009) O Contador de Histórias (aka The Story of Me) (2009) Chicken with Plums (2011) Holidays by the Sea (2011) Journey to Portugal (2011) Dream and Silence (2012) Women Directors, talking on a blade (2014) Pasolini (2014) The Forbidden Room (2015) Le Fils de Joseph (2016) The Killer (2017) The Broken Key (TBA) Discography A Little More Blue (2007) Penínsulas & Continentes (2010) Pássaros Eternos (2013) The Piano’s Playing the Devil’s Tune (2016) — with Phoebe Killdeer & the Shift

Data de Estreia Release Date Dez 2019

Data de conclusão year 2019-12-05

Exibições Exhibitions
Distribuição Distribution
IMOVISION Brazil All Rights

Realização Director Maria de Medeiros

Produção Production Cria Produções

Produtores Producers Laura Castro

Elenco Keycast Laura Castro, Marieta Severo, Cláudio Lins, José de Abreu, Marta Nóbrega

Argumento Screenplay Maria de Medeiros, Laura Castro

Direcção de Fotografia (DoP) Direction of Photography Edgar Moura

Direcção de Som Sound Direction Maria de Medeiros

Misturas de Som Sound Mix Manhãs e Manias

Direcção de Arte Art Direction Ana Paula Cardoso

Figurinos Costumes Renata Russo

Caracterização Characterization Renata Russo

Edição Editing Maria de Medeiros

Banda Sonora Original Original Soundtrack Sim/Yes

Direcção Musical Musical Direction Jefferson Feliciano e Laura Castro

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