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Selecção Caminhos – Curtas Metragens
19/11/2020, 10:30



Origem Origin

País de Origem Origin Country Portugal
País de Rodagem Filming Country Portugal

Metragem e Género Footage and Genre

Duração Runtime 00:28:16

Tipo de Projecto Project Type Short
Género Genre Queer, Fantasy, Drama, Romance

Idioma e Legendagem Language and Subtitling

Língua Language Portuguese
Legendas Subtitles English

Errar a Noite Nightender

Imagem de Errar a Noite
Sinopse Original Original Sinopsis

Um jovem inquieto com cabeça na lua termina mais um turno atrás do balcão de um bar de engate. O regresso a casa é feito pelo caminho mais longo. Há a noite e as sombras que nela se escondem que desejam ser descobertas – antes de a manhã acabar por iluminar aquilo de que não consegue escapar.

Sinopse Internacional Sinopsis

A restless young man with his head in the clouds finishes another shift behind the counter of a cruising bar. He takes the longest path on his way back home. He faces the night and its hidden shadows willing to be discovered – before morning comes, unfolding what he can’t escape from.

Mensagem do Realizador Director Statement
Six years ago, after finishing film school, I undertook a side job in a bar in downtown Lisbon, under a light that made me homogeneous with all the bodies that would gather there, a little like the nuns’ cloth makes them look the same in an abbey. We shared a curious feeling of brotherhood. Desire and loneliness united us. The process of self-acceptance, in people who have grown up hiding what they are, is a complex one. So it is the feeling of shame that can be disguised in countless ways and at times it can lead the ashamed one on a journey of self-destruction. The story for this film came from this place and time, from notes on what I observed and on the stories that costumers and colleagues told me. I wanted to bring into film the portray of someone who is a romantic, but dominated with contradiction and his own passions; someone who seeks to be loved, but does not know how to love. When Paulo leaves the bar, he walks through the night, every night. The places he previously experienced with a sense of crime become familiar, nothing is strange to him anymore. He experiences an evasion from home, while gradually returning to it. Determined to defend his vacillating and insatiable notion of freedom, this boy becomes “an inconstant lover / that betrayed himself” (Mário de Sá-Carneiro). Each one of us has their own path, their own journey to walk. The film shines a light on these encounters, it is an attempt of affection.

Biografia do Realizador Director Biography
Retrato de Flávio Gonçalves Flávio Gonçalves was born in 1992 in Fribourg, Switzerland. In 2013, he completed a cinema degree in Lisbon Theatre and Film School, where he directed short-films that premiered at festivals and exhibitions: “In the Morning” (IndieLisboa), “The Flowers of Evil” and “Birthday Night” (QueerLisboa). He wrote about cinema in Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias and magazines like Premiere and collaborated in the writing of the series “Três Mulheres” for RTP (Portuguese Radio and Television). He also worked at the Prince Charles Cinema, in London.

Data de Estreia Release Date 28/08/2020

Data de conclusão year 2020-06-03

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Distribuição Distribution

poster de Errar a Noite
Realização Director Flávio Gonçalves

Produção Production APM actions per minute PRODUÇÕES
Produtores Producers APM – Ana Pinhão Moura Produções

Elenco Keycast João Reis Moreira

Argumento Screenplay Flávio Gonçalves
Argumento Original Original Screenplay Sim/Yes

Direcção de Fotografia (DoP) Direction of Photography Afonso Mota

Direcção de Som Sound Direction Margarida Meneses

Som Sound Marcelo Tavaes, Rafael Gonçalves Cardoso

Figurinos Costumes Rúben Osório

Edição Editing Margarida Meneses

Banda Sonora Original Original Soundtrack Sim/Yes
Direcção Musical Musical Direction Miguel Mendes

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