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Seleção Essays Selection – Short Films (Worldwide Students and Film Schools)
Cinema Avenida
16/11/2020, 17:30

Reposição: A divulgar

Origem Origin

País de Origem Origin Country Belgium
País de Rodagem Filming Country Belgium

Metragem e Género Footage and Genre

Duração Runtime 00:09:25
Tipo de Projeto Project Type Student, Short
Género Genre Drama, Fantasy

Idioma e Legendagem Language and Subtitling

Língua Language French
Legendas Subtitles English SRT, or as demanded

Existe! Exist!

Imagem de Existe!
Sinopse Original Original Sinopsis

Um antigo teatro está prestes a ser demolido. Um trabalhador de construção civil entra no prédio em ruínas para verificar se alguém permaneceu lá dentro. Nessa busca, ele vagueia por um mundo místico e frágil até se encontrar cara a cara com o coração do teatro.

Sinopse Internacional Sinopsis

An old theater is about to be demolished. A construction worker enters the crumbling building to check if there is anyone left inside. In his search, he strays into a mystical, fragile world until he finds himself in the face of the theater’s core.

Mensagem do Realizador Director Statement
Today’s society lives in a noisy world of commercial media. I believe that people unconsciously over consume it. Entertainment is overloading us with impressions and diminishes our sensibility, whereby we can hardly perceive or express art in a truthful way. The modern media and other profit-oriented companies are sort of destroying the artist in ourselves. They take advantage of the fact that people’s desire to consume is superior to their tender humanness and appreciation of art. With ‘Existe!’ I want to show the confrontation between a capitalist force and an artistic spirit. A real estate company does not grasp the significance of a historical art building. We embodied the conflict with an artist and a worker who doesn’t understand. I would like to draw attention to the phenomenon of a generation obstructing its own ability to see the beauty, subtlety and importance of art. The worker is a victim as much as the artist.

Biografia do Realizador Director Biography
Retrato de Luca Zuberbühler As a filmmaker by nature, Luca was born by a cut in an emergency caesarean section in 1986. On the formal side, he got an education in communication sciences and went to filmschool (Zurich University of the Arts). His graduation short „Lothar“ brought him around the world and won a number of awards. During this inspiring period Luca became a professional editor and director in Switzerland’s film industry. In order to follow his passion for fiction filmmaking and eager to learn more Luca moved to Brussels in 2016, where he studied in the masters film at LUCA School of Arts and l’Atelier de Direction d’acteurs with Beatriz Flores Silva. He is enthusiastic about directing entertaining films with a touch of fantasy and social criticism.

Data de Estreia Release Date 06/07/2019

Data de Conclusão Year 06/07/2019

Exibições Exhibitions
Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival Neuchâtel July 6, 2019 World Premiere Swiss Shorts Switzerland BIFFF – Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival Brussels April 11, 2020 Belgium Belgian Competition Belgium Speechless Film Festival Mankato March 27, 2020 USA Student Film Competition United States Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival Porto Alegre July 26, 2020 Brazil Official Selection Brazil Bucharest ShortCut CineFest Bucharest March 15, 2020 Romanian Best Film Romania Sci-Fi-London London November 1, 2020 UK Official Selection United Kingdom ShorTS International Film Festival Trieste July 4, 2020 Italy Official Selection Italy Concordia Film Festival Montreal June 20, 2020 Canada Official Selection Canada Edmonton International Film Festival Edmonton October 4, 2020 Oscar-qualifying Competition Canada

Distribuição Distribution
Director Switzerland All Rights

poster de Existe!

Realização Director Luca Zuberbühler

Produção Production LUCA School of Arts

Produtores Producers Nadine Lüchinger, Flavio Gerber, Philippe van der Loo

Elenco Keycast Aurélien Lallouet, Aurélien Caeyman

Argumento Screenplay Hugo van der Loo, Philippe van der Loo, Luca Zuberbühler
Argumento Original Original Screenplay Sim/Yes

Efeitos Visuais Visual Effects Bardo Eicher, Jingle Jungle

Direção de Fotografia (DoP) Direction of Photography Patrícia Lopes

Direção de Som Sound Direction Luca Zuberbühler

Misturas de Som Sound Mix Bardo Eicher

Direção de Arte Art Direction Hugo van der Loo

Figurinos Costumes Claire Vervliet

Caraterização Characterization Claire Vervliet

Edição Editing Luca Zuberbühler

Banda Sonora Original Original Soundtrack Sim/Yes
Direção Musical Musical Direction Pierre Funck, Johnny Jewel

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