Cinemalogia — Da Ideia ao Filme

4ª edição

More than a century after its invention, cinema remains the most important form of artistic expression of the contemporary world. Your “language” is now adopted by all sorts of media and visual expression, influencing not only the new media, but also infecting – or invading, even – other forms of traditional art, literature, painting or dance to architecture.

In fact, despite all the technical and artistic developments through which it is permanently evolving and reinventing itself, the cinema is, regardless of the media on which it is recorded or the format in which it is displayed, one of the most complex means of artistic expression that is made to our appreciation.
Art-synthesis, as it has been defined, by incorporating techniques and expression forms of previous arts, cinema or “moving picture”, is one of the most significant artistic manifestations, but also among the most demanding under the creative perspective, precisely because it requires the mastery of technical and artistic knowledge and the development of a series of specific skills.

In this introductory course to the cinematic achievement, it is intended to convey the main knowledge and develop the core competencies, both from technical and artistic points of view, necessary in order to materialize a project, from design and development of an idea of original fiction to its exhibition at a movie theater, enabling students to produce a short film using the digital video production knowledge obtained throughout the training.

The course, Cinemalogia — From Idea to Film, has essentially a practical nature, without neglecting the introduction of solid theoretical knowledge about the cinematic language. It is a film training project, exclusive in the central region, which is able to accommodate in their syllabus the bases of the entire cinematic language with a rich historical background up to the formulation of teams and the funding of film projects, combining a practical, intensive development of a short film by the trainees’ part with expert guidance from the trainers.

Modules will be conducted in traditional areas of production, realization, script, image, sound and Assembly being grouped into four large blocks, corresponding roughly to the realization stages of a movie:

  • Pre-production;

This project distinguishes itself from the others while running mostly on schedule after-hours timetable and the possibility that students have to enroll the entire course or in modules independently. Frequency conditions offered allow both beginners and experts in film production to attend the course and meet their learning needs.

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