Exibição Exhibition

Casa do Cinema de Coimbra
10 nov., 17:30

Origem Origin

País de Origem Origin Country Korea, Republic of

País de Rodagem Filming Country Korea, Republic of

Metragem e Género Footage and Genre

Duração Runtime 20’0”

Tipo de Projecto Project Type Short

Género Genre

Língua Language Korean

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The Stench.

Sinopse Original Original Sinopsis

Sinopse Portuguesa Portuguese Sinopsis

Um homem velho está devastado com o desaparecimento de dinheiro do seu pequeno quarto húmido. As pessoas que vivem nos outros quartos começam a desconfiar umas das outras. Quem foi o imoral?

Sinopse Internacional Sinopsis

An old man is devastated losing money in his damp little room. A variety of people living in the other rooms starts to suspect each other. Who was the immoral one?

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Mensagem do Realizador Director Statement
We all live with different beliefs and values. However, regardless of what we value and aim to live for, we often forget about the true definition of morality and what makes our lives meaningful. I wanted to describe the true instinct of humans which can be seen when the importance of morality is neglected, using one of the five senses humans have -“scent”. One question I wanted to ask the audience through this film was: what would be the scent of morality we possess?

Biografia do Realizador Director Biography

I have always been studying what the true instinct of human beings consists of and which elements make it an inevitably ironic phenomenon. In addition, I have been always wanting to express how I feel about human instinct in an interdisciplinary form of various media, including art, photography, music, literature, and acting. Therefore, I started learning how to write screenplay at education institute for screenplay writers in Chungmuro, and decided to tell my stories to a broad range of audience by making films. My following works will be related to the fundamental instinct of human beings, and this could sometimes be quite contradicting as well.

Data de conclusão year 2021-03-10

Distribuição Distribution

Exibições Exhibitions
Chungmuro Short Film Festival seoul November 30, 2020 korea premier Senior Section Riga International Short Film Festival Riga April 10, 2021 Latvia Premier Official Selection SHORT TO THE POINT (STTP) Film Festival București May 13, 2021 Romania premier Official Selection Romania Near Nazareth Festival (NNF) Nazareth June 7, 2021 Israel premier Official Selection Israel BronzeLens Film Festival Georgia August 17, 2021 United States premier Official Selection United States Osaka International Film Festival (OIFF) Osaka July 10, 2021 Japan premier Official Selection (the Best Director, Screenplay) Japan BUENOS AIRES International Film Festival BUENOS AIRES September 15, 2021 Argentina premier Official Selection (the Best Screenplay) FERATUM International Fantastic Film Festival Michoacán November 18, 2021 Mexico Premier Mexico Manhattan International Film Festival Manhattan October 15, 2021 North America Premier United States Tuzla Film Festival Tuzla October 15, 2021 Bosnia premier Bosnia and Herzegovina Russian-British Sochi International Film Festival Sochi November 5, 2021 Russia premier Russian Federation

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Realização Director WON JANG

Primeira Obra First Time Yes

Projecto Académico Academic Project No

Produção Production Gudo*

Produtores Producers Yeonghwan Jeong

Elenco Keycast Seokyeon Hong, Young Jeon, Yeong-gu Kang, Jangyong Park, Youngsun Na, Hanseul Yang, Jihye Han, Kiyong Nam, Youngeun Choi, Jeongsuk Park, Jueon Park, Jeongmin Lee, Youngae Jang, Myeongsun Kim

Outros Créditos Other Credits

Argumento Screenplay WON JANG
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