Selecção Caminhos

Exibição Exhibition

16 Nov, 21:45

Caminhos Juniores
Casa do Cinema de Coimbra
– 8 a 12, e 15 a 19 nov., 10:30

Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente
– 20 nov., 10:30

Origem Origin

País de Origem Origin Country Portugal

País de Rodagem Filming Country Portugal

Metragem e Género Footage and Genre

Duração Runtime 9′ 3”

Tipo de Projecto Project Type Animation, Short

Género Genre Drama, Comedy, Family, Kids

Língua Language Portuguese

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A Menina Parada A Menina Parada

Sinopse Original Original Sinopsis

Sinopse Portuguesa Portuguese Sinopsis

Uma menina perde-se da mãe e recusa-se a sair do mesmo lugar. Um polícia impede todos os outros de a obrigarem a mexer. A menina parada e o polícia que a guarda param o trânsito e agitam os corações da cidade.

Sinopse Internacional Sinopsis

A child is lost from her mother and refuses to move from the same place. A policeman stops everyone else to make her move. The still girl and the policeman that guards her stop traffic and stir up the city’s hearts.

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Mensagem do Realizador Director Statement
Do not forget the old tradition of tales and narratives, with the spectator’s challenge to learn a moral conclusion. The starting point is a child’s abandonment. It is unusual, almost absurd, but because it happens, it accentuates what will be the narrative of the film, a practically delirious sequence with the paradoxical nexus of the absurd and unpredictable. Powerful metaphors follow from the current society, exemplified by impatient drivers’ insensitivity, by the opportunism and media of politicians; for the uncultured superficiality of some media; for the pretentious ridicule of some fast-culture creators, for the empty television debate; etc. The graphics go hand in hand with the style and nature of the argument: the visual chaos accentuates the intention where the limits of the elements are not well assumed, representing this uncontrolled connection of realities. The vivid colours refer to the joy of building and the euphoria of a collective in unison. In contrast, the characters’ design refers to a pseudo-ingenuity that punctuates the film’s entire story. The notions that society does not always follow a norm or logic, that we advance more out of curiosity and desire to build new realities than in the image of the old tradition of good stories where everything can end well and that, even in almost circumstances absurd “whatever works”, leads us to explore once again the director’s usual message: “we don’t fucking control anything on this planet”.

Biografia do Realizador Director Biography

Born in May, 1970, she graduated in Industrial Design, followed by a post graduation in the same area at the Glasgow School of Art/Centro Português de Design. She studied Fine Art at the Sociedade Nacional de Belas Arte in Lisbon and in 1992 interrupted her course to study Animation at Tobistoon. Since then, she has worked continuously in animation, both in cooperation with other studios and developing her own projects. In 2004, she set up her own production company, Gomtch Gomtch. She also works as an illustrator, set designer for theatre and website designer, as well as organizing workshops for children.

Data de conclusão year 2021-03-01

Distribuição Distribution

Exibições Exhibitions
Curtas Vila do Conde IFF Vila do Conde July 16, 2021 Portugal Animafest – World Festival of Animated Films Zagreb Zagreb May 31, 2021 Croatia World Festival of Animated Film Varna September 8, 2021 Best Children’ film award Bulgaria

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Realização Director Joana Toste

Primeira Obra First Time No

Projecto Académico Academic Project No

Produção Production SARDINHA EM LATA

Produtores Producers Nuno Beato, Diogo Carvalho

Elenco Keycast .

Outros Créditos Other Credits .

Argumento ScreenplaySara Monteiro

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