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Casa do Cinema de Coimbra
08 nov., 17:30

Origem Origin

País de Origem Origin Country Israel, Poland

País de Rodagem Filming Country Israel, Poland, France, Germany

Metragem e Género Footage and Genre

Duração Runtime 66’0”

Tipo de Projecto Project Type Documentary, Feature

Género Genre

Língua Language English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Arabic

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High Maintenance – The Life and Work of Dani Karavan

Sinopse Original Original Sinopsis

Sinopse Portuguesa Portuguese Sinopsis

Dani Karavan criou instalações por todo o mundo e ganhou alguns dos mais prestigiados prémios de arte internacionais. No entanto, as suas estruturas estão em deterioração rápida, começa a sentir o peso da idade e o ambiente político em Israel exaspera-o.

Sinopse Internacional Sinopsis

Dani Karavan has created nearly 100 environmental installations all across the world and won the most prestigious international art awards. Yet Karavan is far from satisfied. His monumental structures are deteriorating, his advanced age is starting to catch up with him, the political climate in Israel is driving him mad and he becomes embroiled in a political and artistic conflict over his latest commission.

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Mensagem do Realizador Director Statement
To be honest, I was never really into Dani Karavan’s art. I knew the name – he is very famous, after all – but didn’t quite form a proper opinion about the man himself or take a favorable or unfavorable position on his artwork. While researching material for “Mr. Gaga” (our previous film about world-famous Israeli artist Ohad Naharin) we met with Dani, since he had been part of the group that established the Bat Sheva Dance Company, and did stage and costume design for the group’s performances with Martha Graham. It was then that we discovered just who Dani Karavan is. The man we met with was restless, passionate, funny, and more energetic than we ever would have imagined. We immediately, and naturally, fell for his charms. Dani has the power to thrill, and even mesmerize, anyone who crosses his path. Yet despite his vitality, success, and fame – this is an artist who has won nearly every possible culture or art award anywhere – he is bursting with anger and frustration over uncountable wrongs. It was the tension between Dani’s advanced age and somewhat-childish attitude towards any and all criticism directed at him that fired my curiosity. Also, I quickly realized that while most of Dani’s works have Memory as a main theme (of people, events, eras, places), he had reached the point where his own memory was beginning to betray him. This additional clash added significant depth and emotion to filming. There was not one dull moment for the four years and nearly 300 hours’ worth of raw filming material featuring Dani. There couldn’t be. Dani is always surprising you, exciting you, makes you roar with laughter or grab your head in frustration, and teaching you something. The one thing you can count on is never having a boring or uneventful time with him. Dani’s irresistible persona was what made me start work on this film. As filming progressed I began falling in love with Dani Karavan the artist, and with his landmark installations erected across the world. This gradual process I had gone through will, hopefully, be shared by my viewers, as will my great love for this singular man who makes singular art. Barak Heymann Director & Producer

Biografia do Realizador Director Biography

Barak Heymann has been directing and producing documentaries for TV and cinema for more than 15 years. Barak’s, and his brother Tomer’s, independent film company, Heymann Brothers Films, has produced over 30 documentaries, some as international co-productions. Their films have premiered in numerous festivals worldwide, such as Berlinale, IDFA and Hot Docs, where they have won prestigious awards. Barak teaches in several films schools in Israel and is currently engaged in a number of ongoing projects. 2020 – Director & Producer of High Maintenance 2019 – Director & Producer of Comrade Dov 2018 – Director & Producer of In Your Eyes 2018 – Producer of Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life 2017 – Director and producer of #Work_in_Progress 2016 – Director & Producer – Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? 2015 – Producer – Mr. Gaga 2014 – Producer–Aliza 2014 – Producer – Almost Friends 2013 – Producer – Do you believe in Love 2013 – Producer – Before the Revolution 2012 – Director & Producer – End of the Story 2011 – Producer – Life in Stills 2011 – Producer – The Queen Has No Crown 2010 – Producer – I Shot My Love 2010 – Director & Producer – Lone Samaritan 2009– Producer – The way Home 2009 – Producer – Sayed Kashua – Forever Scared 2008 – Producer- Lady Kul-El Arab 2007 – Director & co-producer – Dancing Alfonso 2007- Director & co-producer – Debut 2007 – Producer – Stalags- Holocaust and Pornography in Israel 2006 – Director & Producer – Bridge Over the Wadi

Data de conclusão year 2020-12-11Distribuição Distribution
Heymann Brothers Films Distributor Israel All Rights

Exibições Exhibitions Jerusalem Film Festival (Best Editing Award) | Hot Docs | DocsBarcelona | Krakow Film Festival | Biografilm | DocLisboa | Sao Paulo Film Festival | Beyond Borders Film Festival (Special Mention) | Jozi Film Festival (Best Documentary Award) | OFF CINEMA Film Festival (Special Jury Mention)

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Realização Director Barak Heymann

Primeira Obra First Time No

Projecto Académico Academic Project No

Produção Production Heymann Brothers Films*

Produtores Producers Barak Heymann, Krzysztof Dzięciołowski

Elenco Keycast

Outros Créditos Other Credits Co-Director & Cinematographer: Lukasz Konopa; Editing: Shira Hochman; Music: Alberto Shwartz, Janek Duszynski; Additional Music: Eli Sorani; Sound Design: Aviv Aldema; Research: Tali Shamir-Werzberger

Argumento Screenplay

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