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19 Nov, 21:45

Origem Origin

País de Origem Origin Country Portugal

País de Rodagem Filming Country Portugal

Metragem e Género Footage and Genre

Duração Runtime 47′ 31”

Tipo de Projecto Project Type Short

Género Genre .

Língua Language Portuguese


Os Últimos Dias de Emanuel Raposo Os Últimos Dias De Emanuel Raposo

Sinopse Original Original Sinopsis

Sinopse Portuguesa Portuguese Sinopsis

Emanuel Raposo é uma figura mítica da televisão pública açoriana. Nas gravações do último episódio do programa de variedades que marca a sua derradeira despedida do pequeno ecrã, uma semana turbulenta de trabalho coloca-o em rota de colisão com a equipa e em confronto com a finitude da sua carreira.

Sinopse Internacional Sinopsis



Mensagem do Realizador Director Statement
(EN) The year is 1991. During THE LAST DAYS OF EMANUEL RAPOSO’s runtime, the viewer is introduced to the story of a locally known TV host’s last week in front of the cameras. Struggling with the thought of retirement, Emanuel Raposo sabotages his departure from the small screen and progressively destroys his relationship with his crew. Shot independently on the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores Islands, the film attempts to recreate images from a time when local public television was a crucial tool for disseminating news and shaping the cultural identity of 250 thousand people spread across nine small islands in the North Atlantic. Although it may feel somewhat specific in its concept, “THE LAST DAYS OF EMANUEL RAPOSO” satirically explores more universal themes such as power relations in precarious work structures and the consequences of aging in the male ego. Although there’s plenty of cynicism in its script, “THE LAST DAYS…” is a labor of love. Recorded on a shoestring budget during the early months of the pandemic with a ~80% azorean crew, making this film wouldn’t have been possible without the support of 30+ people from cast & crew to a big number of other public institutions that contributed with logistical support. Showing it to the world is no other than paying homage not only to the Portuguese island’s cultural heritage but also to these people who spared a bit of their time and effort to make this adventure happen.

Biografia do Realizador Director Biography
(EN) Diogo Lima was born in 1993 in S.Miguel. With a degree in Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication, in 2012 he directs PDL-LIS – a school film awarded at the Panazorean IFF and exhibited in three other continents. In the following years, Lima split himself between directing and the editing room. As an editor, he built a portfolio comprised of tens of major TV and digital ads. As a director, he wanders between music video, advertising and other short-term narrative formats. Some of his work includes a continuous collaboration with art festivals such as Azores-based TREMOR and Portuguese-American FABRIC festival (Fall River, MA, USA). In 2017 Lima directs the Red Bull Media House documentary “AZ-RAP: Filhos do Vento” and three seasons of the webseries “Sou Menino para ir” starring Portuguese comedian Salvador Martinha for FOX Comedy Portugal. “THE LAST DAYS OF Emanuel Raposo”, released in 2021, is his first fiction film.

Data de conclusão year 2021-07-16

Distribuição Distribution

Exibições Exhibitions

Realização Director Diogo Lima

Primeira Obra First Time Yes

Projecto Académico Academic Project No

Produção Production Maus da Fita, Cactus Sessões*

Produtores Producers Amarino França, Bruno Tavares Oliveira, Carlota Dâmaso, João Afonso Vaz

Elenco Keycast Mário Roberto, Francisco Lopes, Diogo Lima, Mia Tomé

Outros Créditos Other Credits First Assist Director: André Mendes; Cinematographer: João Afonso Vaz; Sound Recording: Tiago Galvão, Tomás Ornelas, Marco Moreira; Editor: André Mendes, Diogo Lima; Prodution Designer: Diogo Sousa; Make Up Artist: Cristina Borges; With the support of: Walk&Talk, RTP-Açores

Argumento Screenplay Diogo Lima, Francisco Lopes, Amarino França

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