Exibição Exhibition

Selecção Caminhos – Longas Metragens de Ficção
Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente
25/11/2020, 18:00


País de Origem Origin Country Portugal
País de Rodagem Filming Country Portugal
Duração Runtime 01:56:00

Tipo de Projecto Project Type Longa/Feature
Género Genre Drama
Língua Language Portuguese
Legendas Subtitles English

Submissão Submission

Sinopse Original Original Sinopsis

Lúcia é violada pelo seu marido e faz queixa. Enquanto luta contra o sistema legal português para colocar o seu marido em Tribunal, descobre que está grávida. O caso é trabalhado em sessão fechada onde Lúcia representa a mulher num mundo de homens – o assunto é a violação e prostituição no casamento.

Sinopse Internacional Sinopsis

Lucia is raped by her husband and presses charges against him. While fighting the portuguese legal system to get her husband in court, she finds out she is pregnant. The case takes place in closed session wherein Lucia represents the woman in a man’s world – the subject is rape and prostitution in marriage.

Mensagem do Realizador Director Statement
In its essence, “SUBMISSÃO” is a film about relationships and life choices regarding marriage and emotional attachments. During my research for the script, I had the pleasure of having professional collaborators stating that most domestic violence issues are a consequence and not a cause. The real cause is our actual inability, as human beings, to foresee if the person we choose to be with will turn out to be of a great experience or the worst. So I chose to venture into that field of questioning and ultimately explore what unfortunately is now a reality, at least in the portuguese society: the patriarchic culture influences legal decisions. Rape and prostitution in marriage is still an issue in most of the patriarchic societies where both men and women are victims in different manners. I believe this film brings forth a set of questions which need to be reflected upon, if not by the government and the whole society, at least by the spectators. It begins by showing the woman’s perspective, the rape victim, the wife, the protagonist. Most people who saw the film have no way of knowing what and who is right or wrong by the end. And that, to me, is the definition of responsibility in terms of scriptwriting and filmmaking. We, storytellers, are not supposed to answer these questions. We’re supposed to present them and recall they still exist in a world where feminism is finally threading the political world.

Biografia do Realizador Director Biography
Retrato de Leonardo Antonio Leonardo Antonio was awarded with the International Jury Award for his first shortfilm “AQUA” at the Ekotop Film Festival in 2008. His debut was the long-feature thriller “MY ENGINE’S FRAGILE SOUND”, released in Portugal in 2013. His latest film, “SUBMISSION” is to be released in the Spring of 2021 in Portugal.

Data de Estreia Release Date 2021

Data de conclusão year 2020-01-06

Exibições Exhibitions
PÖFF – Black Nights Film Festival Talinn November 16, 2020 World Premiere Official Selection Estonia
Distribuição Distribution

poster de SUBMISSÃO

Realização Director Leonardo AntónioProdução Production Quattuor Pictures

Produtores Producers Leonardo António

Elenco Keycast Iolanda Laranjeiro, João Catarré, Maria João Abreu

Argumento Screenplay Leonardo António

Argumento Original Original Screenplay Sim/Yes

Direcção de Fotografia (DoP) Direction of Photography Guilherme Daniel

Direcção de Som Sound Direction Júlio Pereira

Misturas de Som Sound Mix João Eleutério

Figurinos Costumes Filipa Rodrigues

Caracterização Characterization Catarina Santiago

Edição Editing Leonardo António

Banda Sonora Original Original Soundtrack Sim/Yes

Direcção Musical Musical Direction Rodrigo Leão, João Eleutério

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