1.-Purpose of the event
1.1.-Caminhos Film Festival has, as general purpose of the project, enhanced access to Portuguese film culture, promoting their dissemination, the elements for its comparison and understanding.
1.2.-Plus, in each issue the project should strengthen the bonds of community and local identity, promoting the integration in existing identity and national community.

2.-General objectives and Concept Definition
2.1.-The festival is designed for lovers and professionals in the cinematographic world and seeks to give visibility to different national productions. Caminhos is a unique festival in Portugal devoted exclusively to national cinema, in its distinctive technical and thematic records in Selection Paths competitive section.

2.2.-In a conceptual level, the paths of the Portuguese Cinema are characterized by a range of records that are the trustworthy record of the annual national film production. The innovation of the project is that for the reception in a single space.

2.3.- Caminhos Film Festival claims to be what the name conveys, summarizing the different paths throughout the national cinematography. We realize that there is not only one way; as we begin to count them, we acknowledge several ones, namely: author’s cinema, commercial cinema, cinema for children and video art.
The Portuguese motion picture fits in various age groups and stylistic records, as the history of cinema can demonstrate.

2.4.-The Essays Selection, by accepting works carried out in the context of academic, national and international training, aims to promote the elements for comparison and understanding of Portuguese cinematography in a global context.

3.-Competitive Sections, Juries and Official Awards
3.1.-Caminhos Film Festival consists of two competitive sections, namely the Caminhos Selection and the Essays Selection.

3.2.-The artworks in each of the competitive sections will undergo a pre-selection of the responsibility of the Organization and of a jury expressly convened for this purpose, in accordance with the regulations specific to each Attachments section.

4.-Caminhos Selection
4.1.-The selected films for the Caminhos Selection will be evaluated by a set of judges and will compete cumulatively when they fit the conditions in Attachment to the Regulations of each jury/selection to the following prizes:
-Jury Awards paths;
-Press jury prize;
-Don Quijote Award/Jury IFSS-International Federation of film societies

5.-Essays Selection
5.1.-The selected films for this competitive section will be evaluated by a jury and will compete, when the conditions expressed are in accordance with the regulation, to the following award:
-Jury prize National Tests;
-Jury prize International Trials;
-Jury prize Caminhos Worldwide

For the listed Awards, the films in competition in Caminhos Selection and Essays Selection will also compete for the audience prize. This prize will be delivered by the scrutiny and the calculation of the weighted arithmetic average expressed by the viewers in a bulletin at the end of each session.

7.- Missing cases
7.1.-The Organizing Committee of the festival reserves the right to decide on the cases not clarified by the regulations, as well as to carry out necessary changes, informing all interested parties.

8.-Final provisions
Registration for the pre-selection and participation in the different competitive sections of the Caminhos Film Festival involves reading of this official rules and accepting the specific annexes from each section.

Coimbra, July 1st 2016