Ruben Miranda

Ruben Miranda Alemanha

Ruben Miranda works as active member of the municipal cinema since (Kommunales Kino-Freiburg) 2012 where he acts as reviewer and initiator of cultural events. Besides Rubens local cineastic engagement he is involved with KAN-KAN Media since 2012 which is a visual art project that promotes and creates new scenarios and platforms for the exchange of the visual culture and arts around the world.

He organized movie premieres in Shanghai and recently is setting up a cine-cooperation to offer a platform for young directors and to discuss their movies by interactive after-show conferences together with the audience.

Furthermore Ruben shapes the local cultural life through his commitment in Tango by participating in and organizing public events (dance, dance performances, readings, live music etc.). He also assists a local artist as temporary project manager. Rubens vast cultural network amongst filmmakers, actors and other artists guarantees to be a source of ideas to initiate new projects.

Ruben originally has a degree in forestry and environmental sciences. During that time he spend almost one year in South-America. Afterwards he worked in the environmental business in Germany and Switzerland. Later 2012 he moved to China where he began to get more deeply involved into the cultural business.