Marco Martins Realizador

Marco Martins (1972) studied at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, completing its education in the United States through script writing at Tisch School of Arts afterwards. Co-funded Ministério dos Filmes in 1999, a distinguished ad producer with many national and international mentions and with which he debuts itself in the television fiction production area with SARA, a eight-episode series with debut scheduled to October 2018 on RTP 2. The series' first two episodes were shown, in first hand, at IndieLisboa Festival 2018. Marco Martins' work covers various areas, including cinema, plastic arts and theater. His movies have been exposed in the main International Festivals, and he has won in 2005 the Prix Regard Jeune with Alice. He was also awarded in festivals such as Mar del Plata, Rotterdam and London Raindance Film Festival, among other distinctions such as the Fassbinder Award (European Discovery of the Year). In 2006 he directed the short film “Um ano mais longo” ("A longer year", in a free translation) written in partnership with Tonino Guerra, persent at Veneza Festival's Official Contest“São Jorge”, his most recent movie, was competing at Veneza Festival, where Nuno Lopes won the Golden Lion (Horizons Award) and debuting commercially in various countries afterwards. It was, like "Alice", pre-selected to compete to the Oscar of best foreign movie,  and even to the Goya Award. In Portugal, “São Jorge” received many awards from Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores (including the Best Portuguese Movie of 2017) and received seven Sophia awards from Academia Portuguesa de Cinema. In the plastic arts field, he has collaborated with many artists, with highlight to the multi-channel video-setup “Twenty One - The Day the World Didn’t End”, co-directed with the Italian artist Michelangelo Pistolletto and exposed in the Louvre Museum, integrating the Year One - Earthly Paradise retrospective, and also the “Insert” movie, co-directed with the portuguese artist Filipa César, a work that has won the BES Arts and Finance Award and the IndieLisboa Festival Best Director award (2011). In the Theater field he founded, in 2007, with Beatriz Batarda, the Arena Ensemble company which, ever since, has been regularly showing spectacles in the main national theaters. His stage work is divided between a classic text work with a strong choreographic component and community projects, the latter being the case of his last project, “Provisional Figures Great Yarmouth”, recently debuted at the Norwich & Norfolk Festival.


“São Jorge” (2016)

Digital , 110 min., Color

Director: Marco Martins

Producer: François d’Artemare (Filmes do Tejo II/Les Films de l’Après-Midi), Maria João Mayer

Financial support:    

Cast: Nuno Lopes, Mariana Nunes, David Semedo, José Raposo, Beatriz Batarda, Gonçalo Waddington, among others


Panama 2017

Barcelona Auteur

Krakow Off Camera

SFF. Sydney Film Festival

Film Fest Munich

20 Semaine du Cinema Lusophone

Caminhos do Cinema Português (Melhor Filme, Melhor Realizador, Melhor Actor)

Sophia Awards (Best Movie, Best Director, Best Script, Best Actor, Best Photography, Best Artistic Direction, Best Secondary Actor)

SPA Awards (Best Movie, Best Script, Best Actor)

Portuguese Nomination for the Oscars

Portuguese Nomination for the Goyas

Festival Internacional de Cinema de Veneza (Leão de Ouro – Melhor Actor)

Chicago International Film Festival

Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Tbilissi Film Festival

São Paulo Cinema Exhibition

Prague Febiofest

Buenos Aires Film Festival

Macau Film Festival (Melhor Realizador, Melhor Actor)

Dubai IFF

Goa Film Festival

Copenhagen CPH PIX

Venice in Naples Film Festival

Hong Kong European FF

“Twenty-One Twelve: The Day the World Didn’t End “ – Documentary (2013)


Louvre Museum – Debut

Roma Movie Festival – CineMaXXII – Official Selection

DocLisboa Honorable Mention


Digital, 120 min, Color

Director: Marco Martins and Michelangelo Pistoletto

Producer: Renzo Barssoti (CCTAR)

Financial support:

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation,

BES Arts and Finance

Insert” (2010/2011)

16mm, 18 min, Black and White

Director: Marco Martins

Financial support: Bes Arte & Finança

Cast: Mónica Calle and Joana Barrios


Bes Photo 2010 – Belém Cultural Center (Winner of Bes Photo 2010, Portugal)

São Paulo Bienal 2010 (Brazil)

Rotterdam Film Festival (Netherlands)

Indie Lisboa (Best Director, Restart Award)

EUNIC Stockholm Kulturhuset (Sweden)

Femina, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Rencontres Lille (France)

Conde Village Short Film Festival (Portugal)

“Como desenhar um círculo perfeito” (2009/2010)

Puchon International Film Festival (South Korea)

Muestra de Cine Português (Spain)

European Union Film Festival (Canada)

Coimbra Cinema Meetings (Best Soundtrack, Best Artistic Direction and Best Secondary Actress)

Globos de Ouro, Portugal (Nominated for Best Movie, Best Actress and Best Actor)

Estoril Fim Festival (Revelation Award to Rafael Morais)

European Cinema Festival, Kaliningrad (Russia)


35mm, 122 min, Color

Director: Marco Martins

Producer: António da Cunha and Telles e Pandora da Cunha e Telles (UKBAR)

Financial support: ICAM, RTP and FICA

Cast: Rafael Morais, Joana de Verona, Daniel Duval, Beatriz Batarda, among others


Rio de Janeiro Film Festival (Brazil)

IndieLisboa (Portugal)

“Traces Of A Diary” (2009/2010) – Documentary

16mm (transcribed to HD), 90 min, Black and White

Director: Marco Martins

Producer: Maria João Mayer (Filmes do Tejo II)

Financial support: ICAM, RTP, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Cast: Takuma Nakahira, Hiromix, Daido Moriyama, Kajii Syoin, Kohei Yoshiyuki and Nobuyoshi Araki


IndieLisboa (Portugal)

Era New Horizons (Polónia)

Festival do Rio (Brasil)

Mountain Photo Film Festival (Itália)

32nd Noorderlijk Film Festival (Holanda)

Goteborg Film Festival (Suécia)

17th Bradford International Film Festival (UK)

5a Mostra do Documentário Português Panorama (Espanha)

Documenta Madrid (Epanha) Menção Honrosa

Mostra Fotocine Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)

Transylvania International Film Festival (Roménia)

Traverse City Film Festival (EUA)

EU Cinema Festival In Kaliningrad (ssia)


“Um Ano Mais Longo” (2006/2007)

35mm, 30 min, Cor

Realizador: Marco Martins

Produtor: Renzo Barsotti

Apoio financeiro: ICAM and RTP

Elenco: Gonçalo Waddington, Teresa Sobral e Margarida Shou


Abertura do Lisbon Village Festival (Portugal)

Venice Film Festival (Itália) Competição Oficial – Corto Cortissimo.

Rotterdam Film Festival (Holanda)

Toulouse Latin American Film Festival (França)

“Alice” (2005-2006)

35mm, 102 min, cor

Realizador: Marco Martins

Produtor: Paulo Branco (Clap Films)

Apoio financeiro: ICAM e RTP

Elenco: Nuno Lopes, Beatriz Batarda, Laura Soveral, Miguel Guilherme, Gonçalo Waddington, entre outros


Festival de Cannes 2005 (PRIX REGARDS JEUNE)

Mar del Plata International Film Festival (ASTOR – Melhor Realizador, ASTOR – Melhor Fotografia, Fipresci)

International Film Festival Las Palmas (Melhor Novo Realizador)

Festival de Cinema Luso Brasileiro (Melhor Realizador, Melhor Actor)

European Film Awards (Fassebinder Awards- Nomeado)

Globos de Ouro, Portugal (Melhor Actor, Melhor Filme)

Cineport (Melhor Realizador, Melhor Montagem, Melhor Fotografia, Melhor Banda Sonora)

London Raindance Film Festival (Melhor Primeiro Filme)

Berlin International Film Festival (Prémio Revelação – Nuno Lopes)

Festival do Rio de Janeiro (Competição Oficial)

Provincetown Film Festival (Competição Oficial)

Lubliana Film Festival (Competição Oficial)

New York Tribeca Film Festival (Competição Oficial)

Taiwan Film Festival (Competição Oficial)

Silver Ariel (Nomeado Melhor Filme Ibero-Americano do Ano)

Festival de Berlim (Prémio Revelação 2006 – Nuno Lopes)

Prémio Luís Buñuel (Candidato português)


BAFTA- Fourth European Psychoanalytic Film Festival (UK)

Danish Film Institute (Dinamacar)

Festival de Haifa (Israel)

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival (Taiwan)

Ljubljana Film Festival (Estónia)

Festival International de Jeonju (Coreia do Sul)

Febiofest (República Checa)

100.000 Retinas – Barcelona (Espanha)

Ariel Awards – Competição (México)

BFI –  London Psychology Film Festival (UK)

Havana International Film Festival (Cuba)

Festival de Cinema Pobre (Cuba)

MK2 Paris Festival- New Portuguese Cinema Showcase (França)

EU Cinema Festival In Kaliningrad (ssia)

European Cinema Festival (China)

Nomeação Portuguesa aos Óscars

Nomeação Portuguesa aos Goya




“No Caminho Para A Escola” (1998)

16mm, 20 min, cor

Realizador: Marco Martins

Produtor: Marco Martins

Apoio financeiro: ICAM e RTP

Elenco: Rodrigo Saraiva, Alix Sarrouy, Teresa Madruga, Margarida Marinho


Festival de Curtas Metragens de Vila do Conde (Portugal)

Festival de Ourense (Portugal) – Melhor Filme – Prémio Atlantic Exsis Award

Iberian Film Festival (Espanha) – Melhor Filme e Melhor Realizador

“Mergulho No Ano Novo” (1992)

16mm, 23 min, cor

Realizador: Marco Martins e João Braz

Produtor: Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema

Apoio financeiro: IPACA e RTP


Festival de Curtas Metragens de Vila do Conde (Portugal) – Melhor Filme – Competição Nacional

Tel-Aviv International Film Festival

Valencia Film Festival (Cinema Juve’95)

Toulouse Film Festival